Dry Ice Blast Cleaning within the textile industry is highly effective on most applications including, rollers, ovens, mixers, conveyer systems. Electrical panels and motors.

before   after
Coater Unit before   Coater Unit after

Isogenix has been servicing the textile Industry across South Africa for over 4 years as new applications are continuously explored in this industry. The most common advantages of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning in the textiles industry is the decreased downtime of equipment as a result of this cleaning method.

Electric motors and other sensitive equipment can be cleaned without the need for disassembly as the specialized Isogenix equipment does not damage the contacts and windings. Less downtime has a direct effect on the profitability of the industry and Isogenix have already saved Textile companies millions in the process.

Nonwoven textile mills have had especially positive results from Isogenix dry ice blasting and we are experiencing tremendous growth within this specific sector.