Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning systems eliminate the need to remove and reinstall molds during cleaning, decreasing downtime. The use of Isogenix in the cleaning and maintenance of molds have shown to decrease downtime by up to 75%.

The buildup of fouling residue and mold release agents cause blemishes and unwanted flash to the final part. It also makes it more difficult to hold tolerances on parts, which can lead to increased scrap. Dirty molds affect not only quality but productivity as well. Rubber parts will stick to the mold during removal, which increases cycle time, and in some cases, mold build-up can lead to over-packing, which in turn can cause internal strains to the tool.

before   after
Before   After

Removing and reinstalling molds may lead to tool wear, as well as risk damage to the tool during out-of-press handling. The use of Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning eliminates many sources of mold and tool damage.

Tire manufactures have been especially impressed with the savings that they have noticed with the use of Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning. Dramatic reduction of production costs are achieved due to a reduced downtime of up to 65%.This has been achieved due to in-press cleaning, annual production increase, elimination of need to hand drill micro vents, near zero-defect levels achieved, reduction in tool damage and a reduction in the need to re-stamp sidewall lettering.

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Switchgear Before

Switchgear After

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Runway lights (contaminated with rubber) Before

Runway lights (contaminated with rubber) After

Tyre molds being cleaned Tyre molds being cleaned