Marine Industry

In the marine industry the Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning system can be profoundly more effective than traditional cleaning methods such as sandblasting, pressure washing and chemical solvents Since CO2 sanitizes the surface as it is being cleaned reattachment of marine growth (algae, sea slime, mussels, etc.) is further reduced as compared to traditional methods.

Water intake valves, engines, electrical panels, tanks, generators, exhaust systems, etc are cleaned effectively and will perform longer with regular scheduled maintenance cleaning.

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Dockside, there are a variety of applications for dry ice cleaning. One of the main attractions and benefits of the use of Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning in the marine industry is the environmental benefit. We at Isogenix use no chemicals or abrasive methods and there is no residual waste from the cleaning process. By using Isogenix, the client will not add any unwanted chemicals that would ultimately destroy marine life in the area. Please view our Environmental page for more benefits.

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