Historical Restoration

Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is unparalleled in uncovering the detail and intricacies of historic structures with our efficiency and cleaning ability. Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning leaves no secondary waste streams, provides drastic time savings, and eliminates the use of harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning methods.

Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning offers a wide range of cleaning applications for historic restoration and routine maintenance. The Isogenix system is used for lead based paint abatement, smoke damage removal, adhesive removal and reversal of aging effects, just to name a few.

Historical glass being cleaned

The use of Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning will ensure that the restoration work is completed without the need for harsh chemicals and abrasive methods. Isogenix Dry Ice Blasting will uncover the underlying surfaces of the structure without causing any damage to the substrate. The Isogenix system removes layers of paint and years of aging thus restoring the structure to its original state.

The architects that specify restoration would not allow for the use of abrasive cleaning and chemicals as chemicals will leach into stone, such as marble and will scratch and scar the surface of the substrate.
Isogenix Dry Ice Blast cleaning guarantees a superior clean with no secondary waste stream.

before   after
Dry Ice Blast cleaned on left of Statue   Copper (Dry Ice Blast Cleaned)