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Decontaminated food production surfaces while reducing cleaning time up to 80%.
Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning cleans food processing equipment and effectively decontaminates Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria. In addition, dry ice blast cleaning removes all protein residues on food processing equipment, and replaces expensive, labor-intensive, manual scrubbing using wire brushes and caustic chemicals with a pure and powerful cleaning process.

As a result of Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning in the baking industry, oven-cleaning costs can be significantly reduced. Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning can clean carbon build-up, grease and other contaminants in the production ovens without disassembly and while the ovens are still on.

Isogenix can help you save throughout your production process. If you're replacing conveyor belts every 2 to 3 weeks, stop! One of the major brewers in the USA found that a dry ice blasting system is the perfect tool for cleaning hot melt adhesive, dirt and grease. Routine maintenance is handled quickly on the line so there is no more costly down time and belt replacement.

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