Fire Restoration

Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is an extremely successful method to remove smoke soot, vaporized synthetic resins and char. The Isogenix system will even eliminate most of the smell that is left after the fire damage has occurred.

Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning provides fast and efficient removal of smoke damage, even in the tight angles of trusses, around nails, wiring and all plumbing without damage to the surface integrity.
Using traditional methods, three to five technicians could complete a typical fire restoration project in five or six working days. However, with the Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning solution, two technicians can complete the job in a fraction of the time. Therefore, residents have lower displacement costs and the contractor can take on more work with reduced labor costs.

before   after
    Fire damaged Wooden Beams being cleaned

Isogenix can help you save throughout your production process. If you're replacing conveyor belts every 2 to 3 weeks, stop! One of the major brewers in the USA found that a dry ice blasting system is the perfect tool for cleaning hot melt adhesive, dirt and grease. Routine maintenance is handled quickly on the line so there is no more costly down time and belt replacement.