The Environment

Traditional Industrial cleaning and maintenance has always been performed with dire consequences to our environment.

The liberal use of Chemicals and other harmful methods have added millions of tons of hazardous waste into rivers, harbours and other sensitive areas.

We at Isogenix, pride ourselves in offering a far superior cleaning solution to traditional industrial cleaning methods. The actual Isogenix process is  ‘CARBON NEUTRAL’ and adds no additional waste streams into the environment.

The Dry Ice pellets that is used by Isogenix Dry Ice blast Cleaning is derived from other industrial processes and releases no additional carbon emissions into our atmosphere.

Our Dry Ice pellets are manufactured to the same quality standards as food grade CO2 and is safe for use in the food and beverage industry. Join some of South Africa’s largest production companies and ensure that we will continue to grow industry without harming the environment any further.

Take advantage of Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning for all your maintenance and cleaning needs and assist in the shift to eco-friendly solutions that achieve superior results to traditional methods.

Environmental Facts about Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning has been approved by the EPA, FDA and USDA in Europe and North America.
Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is safe and non-toxic ( Once pellets impact on the contaminated surface they dissipate into the atmosphere.)
Isogenix blasting eliminates employee exposure to harmful chemical cleaning agents.

The difference between Isogenix Dry Ice Blasting and traditional methods:

The use of sand, soda or water blasting leaves a secondary waste stream after cleaning has been completed.
Soda blasting can kill surrounding vegetation.
Chemicals and solvents are toxic and create toxic waste that needs to be exposed of.
Through the use of chemicals and solvents, workers are exposed to these harmful substances and fumes.

Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is completely clean and safe and will not harm our environment.